Questions Les Plus Fréquemment Posées Au Sujet Des Personnes Politiquement Vulnérables Au Canada Et Les Dirigeants D’une Organisation Internationale

Something damp,” or “to moisten one’s chaffer.” See RINCER. EMBALLER (thieves’ and popular), _to apprehend_, “to smug.” See PIPER. DAMER , une fille, _to seduce a girl, to make a woman of her_.

  • DÉDURAILLER (thieves’), _to remove prisoners’ irons_.
  • Décarrement, _m._ (thieves’ and popular), _escape_.
  • A play on the above name, and nier, _to deny_.
  • _returned or escaped convict sent back to the convict settlement_.

SIGLE, SIGUE, SIGOLLE, or CIG, _f._ (thieves’), _twenty-franc coin_. N’en pas foutre, or fiche une —-, _to do nothing_, _to be idling_. Scier du bois, _to play on a stringed instrument_. “comfortable impudence.” Porter sa —-, _to walk with one’s wife_. Surveillance of the police who has broken bounds_.

“punting-shop;” _thieves’ coffee-house_; _meadow_. SURFINE, _f._ (thieves’), _a variety of female thief_. One which is indigestible enough to give one’s heirs a chance. STROC, _m._ (thieves’), _a “setier,” small measure of wine_. SOLITAIRE, _m._ (thieves’), _one who operates single-handed_. SINGERESSE, _f._ (popular and thieves’), _mistress, or landlady_.

From passer, and lance, _water_. _to cheat by arranging cards in a peculiar manner when shuffling them_. Lines to dry_, “lully prigger,” _or who rifles washerwomen’s carts_. PALLAS, _m._ (popular and thieves’), _puffing speech of mountebanks_.

PLANCHEUR, _m._ (popular and thieves’), _joker_; _practical joker_. (popular and thieves’) _to be afraid_; _to laugh at_; _to joke_. PINDARÈS (thieves’), _the gendarmes_; _city police, or rural police_. The English have the expression, “to spit sixpences,” _to be thirsty_. PÈZE, _m._ (thieves’), _money_, or “pieces.” See PÈSE.

ASTIQUAGE or ASTIQUE, _m._ , _cleaning the equipments_. ASSISTER (thieves’), _to bring victuals to a prisoner from outside_. ARNELLE (thieves’), _the town of Rouen_. From La Renelle, a small river. ARNAC, _m._ (thieves’), à l’—-, _with premeditation_. AMBIER (thieves’), _to flee_, “to pike.” See PATATROT.

In the street, and offers for sale, or otherwise fleeces the pigeon. Balzac’s time, and had been first used in the studios. Leaves without having made a purchase_. Du —-, _brandy_, “French cream.” Termed “bingo” in old English cant. _to be suffering from a complicated venereal disease_. Chose —-, _to be superlatively bored by a person or thing_.

  • Culbute, _to conceal stolen property in one’s breeches_.
  • (Drapers’) Pendu, _piece of cloth stretched out and hung up_.
  • Wine kept ready by a comrade at a neighbouring wine-shop_.
  • CANON, _m._ , _glass of wine drunk at the bar of a wine-shop_.
  • Prisoners to send a letter, and receive the answer by the same means_.

Formerly had charge of what were termed in England ragged schools. IERGUE, parler en —-, _to use the word as a suffix to other words_. Phrase is obsolete; —- à la vache, _clubs of cards_. HAPPER LE TAILLIS (thieves’), _to flee_, “to guy.” See PATATROT.

  • Or worthless–the opposite of “rum,” which signified good and genuine.
  • Leaves without having made a purchase_.
  • BIBOIRE, _f._, (schoolboys’), _small leather or india-rubber cup_.
  • The holes in a loaf of white bread.
  • ARPIONS, _m._ _pl._ (thieves’ and popular), _toes_.

DREGNEU, parler en —-, _is to combine this word with other words_. Uniform of custom-house officers, which, like absinthe, is green. A play on the word “décimer,” _to kill one in ten_. Play on the words “deux fois neuf,” _twice new_, or _eighteen_. Il y a du —-, _things are going on badly_.

  • Poser une —-, _to correct a piece of composition for an absentee_.
  • Près du bonnet, and to have a bee in one’s bonnet.
  • LESSIVAGE, _m._ , _selling of property_; (thieves’) _pleading_.
  • And adv._ (thieves’), un —-, _a police officer_.
  • PRÉVÔT (prisoners’), _head of a prison squad_; _prison scout_.

Properly mornifle has the signification of _cuff on the face_. Bastaud, _convict who is a Sodomist, a kind of male prostitute_. MITRAILLE, _f._ , _pence_, _coppers_. Language with the signification of _silly conceited dandy or fop_.

REPTILE, _m._ , _journalist in the pay of the government_. Learning the words, without attempting the stage effects_. REPÉSIGNER (thieves’), _to re-catch_, _to re-apprehend_. RENGRÂCIER (thieves’), _to repent and forsake evil ways_. RENARD, _m._ , _apprentice_; _mixture of broth and wine_. REMPARDEUSE, _f._ , _prostitute who frequents the ramparts_.

GRESSIER (thieves’), _to steal_, “to nick.” See GRINCHIR. _non-commissioned officer filling the functions of clerk_. GOURGANER , _to be in prison, eating_ “gourganes,” _or beans_. GOUREUSE, _f._ (thieves’), _female deceiver or cheat_. GOUR, _m._ (thieves’), _jug_; —- de pivois, _jugful of wine_. “boudiné,” literally _sausage-like_, for a swell in tight clothing.